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10 thoughts on “What People say`s About Corporate Trip

  • Navjeet Sidhu

    Simply Awesome and superb management. A great understanding of the requirement; smooth and planned execution of our annual functions. Would like to always work with you.

  • Aman Sahani

    Excellent Coordination. Very Positive & helpful team. Understood the concept & stick to the task. Well done!!! Will recommend them any time & definitely find ways to work with them again

  • Vishal Mani

    My wife and I visited Jaipur Ajmer and Jaisalmer in August of 2014 and it was spectacular. Corporate Trip took care of every detail during every step of the way, which allowed us to sit back and relax. I have traveled a lot in my life and used other luxury travel companies to plan my journeys; this agency ranks at the top of the list. They really give you a customized, high-touch service that makes you feel right at home.

    During this trip we spent 2 days in Jaipur in Heritage Hotel Chomu , 2 days in Ajmer Country Inn and Suites, and 3 days in Jaislmer . In Brys Hotel, a couple of extra days would have allowed for more downtime, but we were constricted by our work schedules back home and wanted to see everything we could. During this trip we were able to experience all of the ancient wonders of Rajasthan.

    We decided to do private tours, so we had a driver and a guide to show us around everyday. We traveled in a private bus and bottled water was supplied all day. All of the guides were very knowledgeable about the history of Rajasthan, as well as the information indigenous to the regions they were showing us. My wife and I learned a lot about Rajasthan history, culture and walked away with lasting memories and pictures.

    If you are considering a trip to India, I recommend that you try to see the same three regions that we did. All of them are uniquely different and all are once in a lifetime visits.

    In addition, I would highly recommend using the Corporate Trip ‘s team for your adventure. I promise you that you will not find a better company to take care of you.

    • corporatetrip.asia Post author

      First I want to say very thanks Mr Mani to Giving your valuable time and Feedback. We always try to give the best services and friendly environment to our guest. Hope the every guest enjoy his visit either Corporate or tour .
      V S Beniwal

  • Susan Horn

    Just wanted to thank you for arranging our tour-it was truly one of the highlights of our week in India ! I will enthusiastically recommend your services to anyone who wants a special experience in Real india .

  • Jordan H

    “Excellent customer service”
    This was my first trip to India and I stayed here for 3 nights. The Corporate Trip staff were warm, friendly and full of hospitality to guests. When I checked out, I was automatically billed in my country’s domestic currency for my credit card. Usually the customer will have a choice to choose to be billed in INR or their domestic currency. But they did not ask me. It would have been good to confirm with me to see which currency to use for billing. Other than this, it was a perfect stay.

    Stayed July 2016, travelled on business

  • Vivek Singh

    “Excellent Hospitality and Service A+++++”
    I’ve been to Mumbai on a two day trip and every time I prefer to book by online booking , However this time I had some special requirements which I was doubtful if hotel would be able to accommodate the same. that why i choose Corporate Trip, However to my surprise, Corporate Trip provided me the expected solutions and made my stay utmost comfortable.

    Corporate Trip Executives are very helpful as well.

  • Rahul J

    I would say the service quality of Corporate Trip is one of the best in India. The staff here are very friendly and courteous.

  • Kumar Anirudh

    “Imagine yourself in a dream”

    I was looking for luxury hotel according to budget, i choose Corporate Trip . I am extremely pleased with their service at everywhere in india. they have excellent services.

  • John Velly

    I contacted Mr. Vijender singh from India Tours in New Delhi India as I wanted to organize a private tour from Britain to the northern parts of India. Singh had very good insights and suggestions of what to see and to do during our trip. He is a very good communicator, professional, friendly and speaks also very good English. His frequent emails kept me informed on the organization of our trip and made sure all my questions were answered in a timely manner. Together we worked out a very nice itinerary which was also respected during our trip (I had the experience in the past where the itinerary you agree upon beforehand is not always what you end up doing). His local knowledge was instrumental to create a tour which kept us busy (we saw A LOT: temples, museums, markets, waterfalls, geysers, tigers, elephants, local hill tribes, etc) but we were never stressed and the pace never felt rushed. The time allotted to each excursion was just right every time. I also trusted him to help me book hotels for the entire stay. He proved once again his great local knowledge when choosing hotels with good value for money at each location.

    The car provided was very good. He doesn’t speak much English, but knows all the roads like the back of his hand. He drives safely yet manages to always be on time and remain calm in every situation, which we appreciated in the sometimes crazy India traffic! Always having water in the car was also a nice gesture as it is one less thing you have to care about.

    Our two guides were both very good, going out of their way to make sure we had the best possible time. Their English is very good and they happily answer your questions or spontaneously share insights about Hinduism, local traditions and the daily life in India. They were very flexible and helpful and their professional yet friendly attitude really made our trip something we will remember for a long time.

    All in all it was one of the best trips we had so far (we travel a lot!) and we warmly recommend the Corporate Trip to anyone who would like to see India without having the hustle to drive and organize everything yourself.

    Visited 2014